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Everything You Need To Know About Air Jet Looms

Posted by Admin on April, 13, 2021

An air jet loom is a shuttleless web that uses an air jet to thrust the web thread through the warp shed. It is one of two fluid-jet loom models, the other being a previously developed water-jet loom.

Also, used Tsudakoma air jet looms can be a perfect solution for anyone looking to manufacture large quantities of tailor-made fabrics. In general, the weave width is between 190 and 400 cm. Up to 8 separate wefts can be fed with the multicolour weft carrier.

Air Jet Weaving Machines

The air jet looms are the most powerful weaving machines and are considered the most productive of light to medium-weight materials, ideally made of cotton and some man-made fibres (sheets, shirts, coats and satins in staple yarns made from hand-made fibres).

There are many renowned importers and suppliers in India who deal with Tsudakoma air jet looms, which can be a good option for textile manufacturers.


In Czechoslovakia, air jet weaving machines were developed and subsequently refined by the Swiss, the Dutch and the Japanese to maintain a less tensile feature of the water jet's pickup operation while minimizing water usage issues.


In an air-jet loom, a yarn is removed from the supply box and yarn of the width of a cloth that is twisted is removed from the measuring disk. A spindle carries the yarn and it forms an additional air nozzle into the form of a hair spindle. The key dust blows the video, opening the clamp, and taking the yarn through the hedge. The clamp locks, the yarn is smashed in and cut, and the shed is closed at the end of the insertion stage. The jets with an integrated database are electronically controlled.

As soon as the clamp opens, the key dust starts blowing the air. As the yarn is blown into the guiding channel of the reed, the shingle is opened, the hairpin form is extended. The yarn is transported through the air streams emitted through the relay pins through the tube. The main nozzle provides the initial propulsive power. Electronically powered relay jets have further jets to transport the yarn through the shed. For air-jet weaving machines, the maximum effective width is around 355 cm. At the end of every adjustment period, the clamp closes; after the shed is closed, the yarn is pulled in and then cut.

These weaving machines use an air jet to accelerate the weft yarn to 600 ppm by the shed. Manufacturer's dates show that air-jet looms run up to 2,200 meters per minute at altitude. The yarns can be weaved to make calls and are available with the patterning mechanisms both dobby and jacquard.

Why Is It So Popular?

Air jet weaving is more common because it costs more than rapid or projectile weaving equipment less to buy, mount, operate and maintain, and an air jet can be used on a wider range of yarns than a water jet.

Air-jet looms can produce regular household and clothing fabrics for shirts, jeans, sheets and towels, as well as industrial goods such as printed circuit board cloths. Heavier yarns than lighter yarns are more suitable for air-jet looms. Air-jet looms, dobby and jacquards thread, are able to weave plaids.


  • The air jet weaving machine manufactures grey textiles with more fine yarn varieties and higher grades. The grey textile is mostly lightweight and thin Tencel. In general, more coarse yarns and lower varieties are used in the rapier weaving machine. Mostly heavy Tencel fabrics are made.
  • The jet weaving machine and the rapier weaving machine are just weft insertion from the machines.
  • The cost of weaving the same cloth for raw material is equal. Air jet weaver has a lower weaving cost.

Final Words

High speed and high work efficiency are the most important aspect of the air jet loom. It is ideal for simple and textured textile, high-density and bulk materials.

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