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What Makes Air Jet Loom Different From Water Jet Loom?

Posted by Admin on April, 29, 2024

If you're within the fabric industry or curious about weaving technology, you'll have experienced terms like "airjetloom" and "water jetloom." These are two well-known types of looms utilized in the fabric manufacturing process. But what exactly is the distinction between them?

This article will compare them to determine their advantages and limitations. By the end, you'll get the refinements between these two types of looms. This will allow you to choose which one is more reasonable for your weaving needs.

Air Jet Loom and Water Jet Loom: A Comparison

Comparison of the focal points and drawbacks of the air jet weaving machine and the water jet weaving machine

Pros and Cons of an Air Jet Weaving Machine


The air-jet weaving machine weft insertion medium is wealthy and cheap and can be reused. Rolling isn't dangerous and is more secure when the weft insertion is jetting at high speed. A gadget with a weft expulsion and a programmed head with a high degree of computerization is given. The mechanical component of the weaving machine is generally fundamental, and the item quality is high.


Control utilization is high, the pressure of the weft yarn is troublesome to control, and absconds within the weft heading are simple to create. In this manner, conditions must be made for the weft yarn to pass through the shed easily. Hence, a machine with expansive pressure and a tiny opening is utilized to improve the sharpness of the shed, which needs a smooth yarn surface, less shagginess, and high quality.

Focal Points and Drawbacks of the Water Jet Weaving Machine

A water jet weaving machine may be a high-speed looper commonly used in recent years, but its items are also restricted. Although numerous items cannot be created, the production productivity of familiar inside textures is outstandingly high. The machine must be introduced and repaired after the unused machine is in place, which requires a few experiences before operation.

The parameters within the weaving machines are for reference, as it were. The most important reason is that the accuracy of each portion of the weaving machine influences the operation of each portion. Be that as it may, the looms ought to be balanced at first, agreeing to the parameters, and after that, balanced, concurring with experience.


The article talks about how technology has changed the fabric industry, especially with the use of air and water jet looms. Used Toyota Air Jet Looms are known for their high production speed, prevalent texture quality, vitality effectiveness, and compatibility with different texture types.

Conversely, water jet looms are liked because they are fast, can be used for many different things, make good fabric, and are environmentally friendly. The choice between air and water jet looms depends on particular weaving requirements.

Water jet looms are appropriate for perplexing plans and high thread counts, while airjet looms offer speedier production cycles and the capacity to weave different texture types. Both looms contribute to the progress of the fabric industry, producing productive and high-quality textures.

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