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Top 4 Reasons To Choose Saurer Schiffli Embroidery Machines?

Posted by Admin on July, 20, 2020

Machines have brought a change in almost all industries in the world today. Embroidery is one among them. The clothes that are embroidered are wealthy as it takes long hours and skilled workers to make beautiful designs on the fabric. But when the machines came into the market, this work could be done faster and also cheaper.

Now even the less wealthy people access to embroidered clothes. There is a long-standing argument about which one is better, the machine-made embroidery or the hand made one. Some say that hand embroidery is a piece of art and each one is unique but the machines simply copy and imitate the same design in different clothes.

Let us take a look at what the other side has to offer. What are the benefits of Saurer Schiffli embroidery machine?


The machines for embroidery can be trusted as they can produce the same designs without any kind of error. They can do it repeatedly with the same accuracy. There is always a risk of hand embroidery. As humans we all can make mistakes, even a highly-skilled craftsman can go wrong at some places.

As a design is made and fed into the machines, the machine will reproduce the identical designs for all the copies. Therefore, this is extremely important for companies or industries which are a commercial venture and have to cater to a huge number of customers.


Without getting tired physically or mentally, a machine can do work faster and easier than a human. A Craftsman takes hours to complete one garment but machines can cut down the time that is taken to embroider a piece of cloth. The only time-consuming part is when the design needs to be created. This phase needs artistry and creativity. Once this is done, then the rest of the process will be swift compared to hand embroidery.

Therefore, get a used Saurer Schiffli Embroidery machine if your company is new in the market and earn maximum profit.

Low Cost

The embroidery work used to be very expensive as it took a lot of effort and long hours to complete one design. It took a lot of time and skill to embroider one single garment. This is the reason why the embroidery was very expensive.

It was like an unaffordable luxury for the people who were economically lower class. The machines made it extremely easy to produce embroidered garments in bulk which has reduced the cost to the point where a lot of people can afford it.

Perfection And Accuracy

You can produce designs with accurate symmetry as the machines are accurate. It increases the aesthetic appeal of the cloth and also makes it look elegant and classy. It is also possible for you to see how the designs are going to be before you sew it.

And as the machines eliminate human errors like the slip of the hand, it is possible to produce clothes that are as good as skilled workers much cheaper and faster.

These were the reasons why machines are better. You can produce in bulk without any mistake and it’s way cheaper than hiring a craftsman. The work performed by the machines is accurate and faster. Therefore get used Saurer Schiffli embroidery machine from a reliable seller and use it in your industry.

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