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Everything You Need To Know About Vamatex Rapier Looms

Posted by Admin on January, 16, 2021

What is a loom?

The loom is the mechanical equipment that is mostly used to produce woven fabric by inserting the warp yarn. In other words, the loom is the main and most essential mechanical device needed for weaving. Different types of the loom are used for different types of weaving work. Not only this, different and varied types of weaving can easily be achieved by simply changing the settings of the loom. It is as easy as this.

Types of Modern Loom

There are different types of modern looms. They are as follows -

1. Rapier Loom 2. Projectile Loom 3. Air Jet Loom 4. Water Jet Loom 5. Multiphase Loom

Rapier Loom - A rapier loom mainly works with a rapier to pull the weft yarn across the loom. It can be subdivided into two sects - a single rapier and a double rapier. When talking about a single rapier, a piece of long rapier equipment is needed to extend across the full width of the warp. Whereas in the case of a double rapier loom, two separate rapiers enter into the shed from different opposite sides of the loom and then moves the weft from one head of the rapier to the other situated close to the middle of the loom. The main positive side of a two rapier system is only 50% of the total of the rapier movement is used in the weft for the insertion of a single vamatex rapier loom.

Single Rigid Rapier

In cases of a single rigid rapier, there is a metal or composite bar situated with a circular cross-section. The rapier mostly inserts itself in the shed from one direction, picks up the tip of the weft yarn in the other direction, and passes it through the weaving machine. Single rigid rapier mostly carries the yarn in one direction only and the rest half of the rapier movement is usually wasted. The length of the rapier is equivalent to the width of the machine in which the weaving is done. It generally needs a high mass and rigidity of the rapier - to make sure that the straight movement of the rapier head is in place. Single rigid rapier machines are not that popular and aren't used much in recent times.

Double Rigid Rapier

Two rapiers are inserted in the shed from different sides and are made to meet at the middle. The double rigid rapier weaving machines are further divided into • One-sided weft insertion - In this case, one rapier is the one that emitting rapier while the other one preset is the taker rapier. • Double-sided weft insertion - Here Each rapier works alternately sometimes as the giver and the taker whenever needed. The giver collects the yarn from the accumulator situated at one side, then brings it to the middle of the shed, then moves it to the second rapier or the taker rapier. In cases of a twin-rapier system, two rapiers present move simultaneously from the same driving origin, as is required in double-plush weaving.

Advantage of the Rapier Loom

There can be various advantages of a used vamatex rapier looms, but below mentioned are a few noteworthy -

1. It requires less floor space

2. spatial productivity is more.

3. Flexible rapier bands are attached to the wheels situated in the semi-circular channels when they are taken outside the shad, the result of this is wide working widths up to 5m.

Disadvantages of Rapier Loom

1. The warp threads are mostly damaged by the ribbed guides.

2. Using any fancy or expensive yarn in the warp direction is impossible for most cases.


Rapier machines weave more quickly than almost any other shuttle machinery but when it comes to projectile machines it is comparatively way slower in most cases. A major positive aspect of rapier machines is their flexibility, which allows the picking of different colors

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